The Jack line is probably also Irish although I haven't been able to confirm it. I only know that my mother has said that her grandfather was red-headed and full of temper. There is possibly some Welsh ancestry in this line as well American Indian also. This is a family that I can find lots of records on from mid to late 1800's but can't seem to get anything prior to their entry into Alabama. They migrated by way of Tennessee but where in TN., I don't know. Any Jack family members out there that can help?

Descendants of George G. Jack

Generation No. 1

1. George G. Jack was born 1810 in TN, and died February 26, 1856 in Jefferson Co. AL. He married Elizabeth Ritchley October 16, 1829.

Occupation: Farmer

Children of George Jack and Elizabeth Ritchley are:

2 i. Mary Ann2 Jack, born 1831.

3 ii. Rachel C. Jack, born 1836.

4 iii. James R. Jack, born 1838.

5 iv. William M. Jack, born 1840.

6 v. Eliza Jack, born 1842.

7 vi. Sarah Jack, born 1844.

8 vii. George W. Jack, born 1846.

9 viii. Nancy Jack, born 1847.

+ 10 ix. Andrew Jackson Jack, born 1849 in Jefferson Co. AL.

11 x. Thomas Jefferson Jack.

12 xi. Marcux Augustus Jack.

Generation No. 2

10. Andrew Jackson Jack (George G.) was born 1849 in Jefferson Co. AL. He married Mary Tucker November 16, 1876 in Jefferson Co., AL, daughter of Berry Tucker.

Child of Andrew Jack and Mary Tucker is:

+ 13 i. Cora Leona Jacks, born April 22, 1884; died March 09, 1918 in Jefferson Co. AL.

Generation No. 3

13. Cora Leona Jacks (Andrew Jackson Jack, George G.) was born April 22, 1884, and died March 09, 1918 in Jefferson Co. AL. She married David Columbus Leslie, son of Van Leslie and Sarah McCay.

Child of Cora Jacks and David Leslie is:

14 i. Mabelene Leona Leslie, born August 08, 1906 in Jefferson Co. AL; died January 17, 1996 in Jefferson Co. AL. She married Joseph Franklin McGowan.

ii. Clara Bell Leslie

iii. Ella Mae Leslie

iv. Myrtle Leslie

v. Theodore Leslie

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