My McGowan family originated in the land of blarney stones and leprechauns. The story is told that the original ancestor that came to America had murdered a man in Ireland and to get away from the law, he stowed away aboard a ship. They called him "Billy". I can only assume that this was William. This has made research slightly difficult. Ship lists are of no use if this story is true. I have not been able to verify any connections further back than 1828. I have listed information I received from a fellow researcher that may be the ancestors of Samuel but have not made definite connections.

Descendants of Samuel Henry McGowan

Generation No. 1

1. Samuel Henry McGowan (John, John, William) was born June 17, 1828 in TN, and died September 21, 1888 in Blount Co., AL. He married Salena L. Elizabeth Jane Hall August 07, 1860.

Children of Samuel McGowan and Salena Hall are:

2 i. Mary Ann McGowan, born June 15, 1852.

3 ii. Amanda Caroline McGowan, born June 14, 1854.

4 iii. Eliza Jane McGowan, born January 08, 1857.

(NOTE: I'm not sure if Samuel had a previous marriage. It would seem likely since these 3 children were born prior to his marriage to Salena)

5 iv. John F. McGowan, born March 30, 1861.

+ 6 v. Thomas Franklin McGowan, born January 18, 1868 in Blount Co., AL; died May 21, 1947 in AL.

7 vi. Joseph M. McGowan, born 1873.

8 vii. Albert McGowan, born 1875.

9 viii. B. Bethena McGowan, born 1876.

10 ix. Pery Franklin McGowan, born 1879.

Generation No. 2

6. Thomas Franklin McGowan (Samuel Henry, John, John, William) was born January 18, 1868 in Blount Co., AL, and died May 21, 1947 in AL. He married Mary E. Wilson December 06, 1885 in Blount Co., AL, daughter of Cy Wilson.

Children of Thomas McGowan and Mary Wilson are:

+ 11 i. Joseph Franklin McGowan, born May 21, 1901 in Blount Co., AL; died May 02, 1948 in Jefferson Co. AL.

12 ii. James Wheeler McGowan.

13 iii. Lillie McGowan.

14 iv. Verdi McGowan.

15 v. Cindy McGowan.

16 vi. J. D. McGowan.

17 vii. Jack McGowan.

18 viii. Talley McGowan.

19 ix. Nellie McGowan.

20 x. John McGowan.

21 xi. Albert McGowan.

22 xii. Hubert McGowan.

23 xiii. Ray McGowan.

(NOTE: There are about 7 other children that have not been identified. Not all children listed are with Mary Wilson. Thomas was married several times. This is still being researched.)

  Joseph Franklin McGowan and Mabelene Leona Jacks

Generation No. 3

11. Joseph Franklin McGowan (Thomas Franklin, Samuel Henry, John, John, William) was born May 21, 1901 in Blount Co., AL, and died May 02, 1948 in Jefferson Co. AL. He married Mabelene Leona Leslie, daughter of David Leslie and Cora Jacks.

Children of Joseph McGowan and Mabelene Leslie are:

24 i. Margaret Helen McGowan, PRIVATE

25 ii. Elizabeth Jane McGowan, PRIVATE

26 iii. Joseph Roland McGowan, PRIVATE

27 iv. Josephine McGowan, She married James Rufus Long October 04, 1946 in Jefferson Co., AL.

28 v. Mabelene Truscilla McGowan, PRIVATE

29 vi. Marie Jeanette McGowan, PRIVATE

30 vii. Thomas Donald McGowan, born November 12, 1933; died April 18, 1996 in Jefferson Co. AL.

31 viii. Julius Franklin McGowan, PRIVATE


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